Adhesive 3.4.0 released

Update 25 April 2013: Aside from the obvious fact that this plugin is a million years out-of-date and the not so immediately obvious fact that the link below 404s, as of version 2.7, “sticky posts” are part of WordPress core.

Adhesive 3.4.0, a WordPress plugin that allows one to easily mark posts “sticky,” is now released. Sticky posts always appear at the top of the page when several posts are displayed.

The most important changes to Adhesive in version 3.4.0 are:

  • Compatibility with WordPress 2.6.5.
  • No longer breaks the native paging functionality in WordPress.
  • Removes all Adhesive-added rows to the wp_postmeta table on plugin deactivation
  • All configuration options and the admin panel menu have been removed. Adhesive simply makes posts sticky—there's really nothing to configure.
  • Solo file functionality has been removed

Get Adhesive 3.4.0.