CodeIgniter encryption key generator

Inspired by WordPress’s secret-key service, I created a CodeIgniter encryption key generator. Navigate to or refresh the page to get a random, 32-character sting that can be used by CodeIgniter’s encryption class.

9 April 2013: The key generator has been updated to generate alphanumeric keys. Source code is available at

26 thoughts on “CodeIgniter encryption key generator

  1. You win 3 Internets today for this…

    I searched Google with little to no hope of finding something like this and what do you know… I found one, haha :). Thanks for being a truly awesome person and allowing for the utmost in convenience and laziness on my part.

  2. Thank you!

    The CodeIgniter User Guide states, that the “key should be as random a string as you can concoct, with numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters”. (

    Your generator includes characters beyond alphanumeric ones. Maybe this result in a trouble?

    Either way, in the User Guide “your key should be 32 characters in length (128 bits)”. does not seem to make sense to me (this would be 32 chars with 4 bit each, but a normal ASCII character already needs a Byte (8 bit).

  3. I use this awesome link just for creating passwords for email and online web accounts. coupled with Keepass2 and dropbox or google folder sync to backup my database. The keys generated are just uncrackable!

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