Tabula rasa

Tabula rasa: The term in Latin equates to the English “blank slate” (or, more accurately, “erased slate”) (which refers to writing on a slate sheet in chalk) but comes from the Roman tabula or wax tablet, used for notes, which was blanked by heating the wax and then smoothing it to give a tabula rasa.

Well, sort of… If you’re a’tall familiar with this blog/site, you’ll have noticed that two significant things have changed:

  1. A majority of the content is gone.
  2. It’s using the (now) default WordPress theme Twenty Eleven.

The reason for this was the confluence of three situations (the third being dispositive):

  1. I haven’t written a post since 13 January 2011 (Whut?!?)
  2. I’ve been meaning to do (and have started on twice) a redesign of this blog (including IA, markup and visual design) for the past year and a half. A lot of that work was done, but…
  3. My personal (and only) computer was stolen two and a half weeks ago. And my backup turned out to be spotty (more on this later), so a lot of personal work was lost.

After purchasing a new computer, restoring what I could, resetting passwords and realizing that some things were just irretrievably lost, I decided to look at this as an opportunity to clean up my production server and completely redo my blog. So I backed it up, whacked it and did a vanilla install of WordPress 3.2.1.

Originally, I planned to remove everything and just start with this post and an updated “about” page. However, I decided to import the few posts that it seems people still find useful and the dag bio isn’t done yet (believe it or not, I hate writing about myself!).

From this point forward, if you’re interested, I plan to do daily posts and talk about my local and production environments, WordPress and how I plan to redo the theme according to current best practices (both markup and performance). After that, I’ll eventually bring all of my archives back online and continue blogging about web development in general.

Since I haven’t settled on the categories or tags I ultimately plan to use, the only thing that is certain is that all posts related to my redesign/rebuild will be tagged .

Hopefully, you’ll join me as I publicly work through re-doing this site. I look forward to hearing your feedback, and, more importantly, it should be fun!


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