Resources for learning web development

This is a “living” blog post. I’ll update it with more good resources on learning web development as I think of them/come across them. Leave any resources that you recommend as a comment below. Thanks!



  • The W3C’s Web Education Community Group (CG)—Home of what had been Opera’s web standards curriculum, which was an excellent introduction to all things web. Really, start here.



  • HTML5 Doctor—A great resource for web developers of any level. Contains a summary of all the HTML elements, as well as articles on using the new HTML5 elements.
  • HTML5 Boilerplate—Another great resource for web developers of any level. Use the boilerplate or just read the accompanying documentation for an overview of contemporary best practices.



  • Budd, Andy. CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions. 2nd edition—I find this to be a great introduction to CSS, primarily because it also covers how to organize style sheets and debugging. I also think it does a really good job of explaining specificity and how the cascade works.

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